1. Don’t base your ground transportation service bookings based on COST alone.
  2. Be proactive by qualifying the company being hired.
  3. Every trip is a contract between the hiring party and the company being hired to provide safe and specific transportation services as required.

Qualify the transportation company your contracting services from, by asking these very important questions:

  1. Is the company registered to operate a business?
  2. Is the company a full time business or a part time occupation?
  3. What experience does the company have and how long have they been in business?
  4. Do they have references, and experience in providing your specific requirements?
  5. Can they provide you with a certificate of insurance and what are the insurance liability limits?
  6. Are all drivers properly licensed and/or CDL certified to operate the type of equipment being hired?
  7. Are drivers pre-employment screened by the employer, through the local police, and the department of motor vehicles?
  8. Does the company provide workmen’s compensation for its employees?
  9. Are drivers trained in dealing with traffic and weather conditions, emergency situations, and basic defensive driving techniques?
  10. Are the vehicles you hire properly licensed as ” livery ” and registered as a “for hire vehicle”?
  11. Are the vehicles properly inspected by the DMV or State DOT as required?
  12. Are the vehicles regularly serviced under a company maintenance program?
  13. What is the company policy for handling emergency and vehicle breakdown situations?

If the company you are now using and/or anticipating to use in the future has answered NO or negatively to any of these questions, you can be assured they are NOT QUALIFIED to safely and responsibly provide you with adequate ground transportation services. Qualified transportation services provide the safest most reliable means of transportation available, providing customized services for any occasion or event. It is important to ASK, INVESTIGATE, and REQUIRE that the company you choose to contract ground transportation service is ” QUALIFIED “.

Buffalo Limousine, a Qualified transportation service since 1960 prides itself in providing excellent ground transportation service. If you are not doing business with us, we invite you to do so now.

The real bottom line is protecting your clients, guests, employees, and yourself against any unnecessary liabilities.